Welcome to “Digital-Abstract.de”.

We invite you to explore, to escape or dive into a colourful world of digital abstract art. Stephan and I, we share a keen interest in starting with something realistic and then transforming it into something new. Colours and shapes are definitely a big part of the focus of our creative power and motivation.
   We create contrasts - strict compositions and liberal shapes, warm and cold colours, symmetry and in-depth, traditional lines and futuristic design.

   Our designs work at a fleeting glance from a distance, but also in depth and in detail close up.

  We offer

  • a world where exaggerated shifts of scale heighten the sense of unreality.
  • several thematically unrelated images in contrasting colours and shapes.
  • high quality digital design for private or business purposes.

  Carrying out exhibitions and vernissages, we work closely with interior designers to achieve a finalization of an interior design project. We decided consciously not to focus only on specific carrier material such as Canvas or photobase paper, but we like to experiment with unusual materials such as ceramic tiles, plexiglass, backlit film and so forth to emphasize the modern character of our designs.

   Walk up to it and discover other colourful, dreamlike digital abstract art.

   Be inspired! Play with it!

Frank Beermann     Stephan Schleitzer  

Frank Beermann      Stephan Schleitzer