Where are the prices?
  We do not see ourselves as traditional artists with a fixed price structure according to our artwork or fixed sizes. The applications of our designs range from prints on canvas to complex installations on plexiglass - most appropriate to backlight. Accordingly, a project-oriented pricing is most appropriate.

In what sizes and formats are the designs available?
We provide you with high-resolution formats, whereby a print format up to approximately 2 meters width is feasible, depending on purpose and carrier material.

Our designs are digital, consequently, they are unlimited reproducible. But we appreciate to meet exclusiveness.
  The circulation of a design is defined before an exhibition or an other publication. Alternatively, in order to meet your wishes, the circulation of a design can be defined closely with you as a client or a licensee.

Do series of designs exist?
Some of our single designs belong to a series. In our online-gallery, we are only presenting a small extract of our artwork portfolio. In our separated PDF-catalogues (download section), you will find a more comprehensive collection including all series.