Your material

   Each artist has his preferred means of expression – a canvas, that consumes the colours, a block of granite, that let us notice the sculpture or a complete composition that arises from diverse elements. These days, the variety of carrier materials is limitless as never before and it would not be prudent to ignore it.

   Of course, we like to see our creations on canvas or as modern framed fine art prints, but we maintain our enthusiasm by experimenting with various carrier materials. Why not substitute for the usual canvas with a modern composition of (plexi-) glass and backlight, or stretch a large-sized printed fabric upon the wall? Or what would you think about a mosaic made of shiny ceramic tiles, or a design milled in wood? The possibilities are endless and so are our ideas. And if we do not have the right idea for you, then you might have a suitable solution.

Be inspired. Play with it. Challenge us.