Your setting

   Our goal is to complete modern interior designs with our creations and to support the effect of the setting as a whole. Particularly these days, people consistently expect, in accessible public spaces such as building entrances, office hallways, doctors’ offices, bars, restaurants, etc., new visual experiences that entertain them, delight the senses or are thought-provoking. With respect to the privacy of a home, people pursue personal expression and individuality.

   How will my chosen favourite interact with my present space? One can try it, seek advice, or count on his own spatial sense and imagination. We give you a proposal: you send us one or several digital photos of your setting together with your choice of our designs, preferred material and size, and we will digitally transfer it gratis and without obligation into your present space and allow you to judge for yourself before commitment. So you can have a first impression without any expenditure, whether or not our creation fits in your overall interior decoration.

Be inspired. Play with it. Challenge us.